Raw Hide Procurement

S.A. Perera & Co., sources its raw hides from authorized local suppliers with whom the company has a long and healthy trading relationship. Being the market leader in Sri Lanka the company enjoys over 90% of the raw hide procurement market in Sri Lanka

Preservation Process

One of the main strengths of S.A. Perera & Co. raw hides is that they are salted for preservation at the point of origin; ensuring the quality remains consistent, with a solid compact structure

Soaking & Liming

The experienced and skilled team of leather technicians then soaks the raw hides to ensure the hide is re-hydrated adequately after which hair and epidermis is removed by treating hides with a lime concentrated solution. This phase of the production process must be executed with utmost precision in order to ensure a high quality finished product 

Lime Splitting

Following the soaking, the fleshed pelt (raw hide after liming) is lime splitted in order to obtain the required thickness. This process is a rarity in most modern tanneries and improves the quality of the hide giving it a smooth flat grain and a higher absorption of chrome, which results in a rich and fuller leather hide


Recyclable chromium salts are used to stabilize collagen fibers and prevent decay. Tanned ‘wet-blue’ hides are then put through a boiling test to assess their quality


After sammying (removal of excess water) the hides are graded and selected dependent on final product requirements. Grading is a highly skilled function and is carried out by the experienced leather graders of S.A. Perera & Co. who combine decades of leather craftsmanship in presenting the highest graded leather

Splitting & Shaving

The graded hides are mechanically split & shaved in order to provide the ideal thickness required at the finished leather stage

Re-Tanning & Dyeing

The hides are then dyed and re-tanned in dedicated drums. This dyeing process uses chemicals and other solutions, conforming to accepted international regulations and standards


Dyed hides are properly setted (flattening the grain) and vacuum dried followed by a natural drying process


The dried hides are then staked to achieve the required softness. Subsequently, a roller-coating machine is used to apply pigments followed by dyeing and a lacquer protective coat using an auto spray machine

Grading & Quality Assurance

Final grading is done by our Quality Assurance Team who inspects each hide. If approved, the area is measured electronically prior to dispatch

The master craftsmen of S.A. Perera & Co. have been part of the company for decades and today put their skills and knowledge to expert use, producing the finest leather combined with the most attractive, elegant and trendy designs, that reflect the demand of today’s discerning market.