About Us

S. A. Perera & Company (Pvt) Ltd was first established in 1928 by Arthur Perera, a pioneer in the tanned leather trade of then Ceylon. The Company began its operations in a small residence in Kelaniya and since its inception it has been committed to producing durable high quality genuine leather for a range of customers from all backgrounds locally and internationally. 

A leading manufacturer of genuine leather, today with a proud heritage of over 85 years, S. A. Perera & Co. operates production facilities and provides direct and indirect economic support to over 125 families. The production facilities operate in an environmentally conscious manner with a commitment to ethical production in terms of supply of raw materials, production conditions, employee welfare and environmental sustainability. 

This 100% Sri Lankan owned and operated company is a market leader in the production and retail of finished leather for shoes, leather goods, accessories, garments, gloves and furniture.