S. A. Perera & Company (Pvt) Ltd, purveyors of high quality tanned leather since 1928, is the leading name for excellence in genuine leather for shoes, leather goods, accessories, garments, gloves and furniture. The Company is the leading provider of international standard finished leather, ethically produced with a positive focus on the environment.

S. A. Perera & Company (S.A.P) is part of the SAPCO Group of companies that produces over 4 million sq.ft of leather per annum with over 85% market share in Sri Lanka. S.A.P’s leather is used by a variety of manufacturers of leather goods; including bags, accessories, garments, gloves and furniture which is exported to the United Kingdom, India, Italy, Greece, Malaysia, Turkey, the Netherlands and Japan who continue to prefer the Group’s finished leather for all its’ retail markets.